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Funsol Solitaire Gold 9.1



Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Price: $24.95 
File Size: 2.06MB
Rating: Funsol Solitaire Gold 8.0
Publisher: Softgame Company
Release Date: November 10, 2006

Funsol Solitaire Gold Description:  

Funsol Solitaire Gold is the largest solitaire collection in the world with over 600 games. Funsol Solitaire Gold now offers automatic card sizing to show the largest cards possible. Funsol Solitaire Gold offers a new powerful search engine to find exactly the game you want. Funsol Solitaire Gold also includes a new smart right mouse button auto play feature. There is an unlimited undo/redo feature with snapshot and restore move. Favorite games are accessible from the toolbar. Every game in Funsol Solitaire Gold is saved and can be tried again at a later time. Each game has its own database of the last 1000 games played. There are over 100 different card backs, backgrounds and card sets to choose from with an add on for registered users. Funsol Solitaire Gold uses true color graphics, silk smooth animation and DirectSound. There are dozens of preferences and options in Funsol Solitaire Gold. Download an evaluation version of Funsol Solitaire Gold today..

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